Clean Fan Unit

06 Aug, 2018 / 110 Views

For Hospital, Healthcare & Elderly Welfare Facilities

Our compact and lightweight unit creates a clean space.

This compact and lightweight unit with a low-pressure-loss HEPA filter, provides a clean space environment.

OpeClean® (for biological clean operating rooms)

Example of application in an operating room with a cleanliness Class of 10-100

* OpeClean® can easily ensure clean areas using the effects of knife-edge lighting around the HEPA outlet.

Compact clean fan unit for high-cleanliness rooms (ICU, CCU, NICU, newborn nursery, delivery room, central supply, operation corridor, etc.)

Example of application in a hospital room with a cleanliness Class of 10,000-100,000

Diverse models & systems available

  • When renewing an existing facility, by combining a sock-filter-attached outlet with a vertical unit, minimal changes to the building are needed.
  • Also allowing easy support for accelerated chilling of an operating room and low-temperature operation.
  • A ceiling-mounted model allows for checking from the underside so that easy replacement of filters and inspection of fans or drain pans can be conducted.


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