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[Hung Yen Province, Feb 2020] Located at Yen My, the project is estimated to be handed over in 6 months since Feb 2020.

Kosei's factory is equipped with the system of production equipment imported from Japan and auxiliary system: RO, HVAC, boiler, pneumatic... Of the brands from the Land of Tang.

To provide the best cosmetic quality for customers, all of KOSEI cosmetics are produced in accordance with CGMP-ASEAN standards. This is the highest standard system by the Drug Administration-Ministry of Health Evaluation Licensing operations in Vietnam.


Detail of article in Vietnamese: https://kosei.com.vn

Taikisha Vietnam is the contractor for ME work (HVAC system, plumbing system, compressed air system, steam system, cleanroom system, soft water system, process drainage system, process exhaust system, fire hydrant system, sprinkler system, electrical system) 


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