We offer a wide variety of environmental protection equipment, ranging from various exhaust gas treatment and dust collection systems to water disposal treatment systems. This section introduces exhaust gas treatment systems that dispose of organic gases from various plants.

Awarded the JMF Presidential Prize for Excellence in Energy-saving Machinery.
Awarded the Japan Gas Association Prize in Technology.

* JMF: Japan Machinery Federation

VOC Treatment & Odor Control System

RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)

Introducing our regenerative deodorization system.

Rotary RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)

Introducing our rotary regenerative direct combustion deodorization system.

Admat® System (VOC Concentrator)

We are introducing a VOC concentrator that uses fibrous activated charcoal as its adsorbent.

Cataburn® (Catalytic Burning VOC Abatement System)

Introducing our catalytic burning VOC abatement system.

Odret (Direct Fired Incinerator)

Introducing our direct fired incinerator.

VOC Treatment System for paint processes

In paint processes, odor is caused from paint-drying ovens and VOC from paint booths


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