This section introduces our cleanroom technologies to provide the cutting-edge production environments for such fields as semiconductor, flat-panel display, precision machinery, and biotechnology.

Cleanroom Technologies

Unitizing Systems

This technique enables short-term construction through prefabrication.

Freecooling System

This system uses external not air a freezer to create cold water.

Mobile Facility Unit (MFU) Method (For Ultra-fast Construction)

This method helps achieving ultra-fast constructions and improves facilities quality such as factories and laboratories.

Quake-proofing of Cleanroom

Introducing our aseismic design for a cleanroom, including piping, ducts, and ceilings.

Interior Finishing for Cleanrooms

We propose solutions to meet your requirements in countermeasures against molecular contamination, cost, and construction period.

Countermeasure against Molecular Contamination

Introducing our concept models of countermeasure against molecular contamination.

Clean Facility Construction

This technique enhances the cleanliness of each step in a process to deliver a clean environment on schedule.

Microscopic Vibration Countermeasure

This technology optimally controls microscopic vibrations that affect the yields of products.

Clean Diffuser

This technology achieves the required clean level at the optimal ventilation count.

Direct Expansion HVAC

This technology makes it possible to achieve high control accuracy without a central heating facility.

Energy Plant Optimal Control System

With optimized control based on simulations, this technology maximizes the impact of energy savings for Energy Plant systems.

Super Stratherm · G (Ground-based Super-stratified-flow Water Heat Storage Tank)

This technology is recommended for customers who want to introduce a heat storage system but don't have enough space for installation.

Stratherm® System (Temperature-stratified-flow Heat Storage Tank)

This temperature-stratified-flow heat storage tank takes advantage of gaps in water density.

Eco-Rac® (Heat Recovery System with No Cross-contamination)

This technology recovers waste heat from exhaust gases.

Spacefine (Ultra-precise Temperature Control Chamber)

This technology provides a precise temperature control at the level of ±5/1,000°C.

Dry Room (Low-dew-point Manufacturing Room)

This dry room system meets your needs for researching pharmaceutical agents, chemical products, electronic parts, and precision devices as well as lithium battery assembly.

Silencer System

Since importing a silencing technology in 1986, we have developed numerous silencing technologies.

Louvreme® (Vertical-type Waterproof Louver)

This is Vertical-type Waterproof Louver.


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