Energy Plant Optimal Control System

29 Dec, 2017 / 1060 Views

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Control System that Maximizes the Energy-saving Impact for a Heat Source System

The operation configuration for maximizing the energy-saving impact on Heat Source systems varies depending on the conditions of outside air and loads. As system performances have been enhanced and control technologies have advanced, more complex configuration parameters are required. Manual configuration cannot always optimize total energy-saving operations for facilities in accordance with the ever-changing outside conditions and complicated parameters.
The Heat Source Optimal Control System maximizes the impact of energy saving for the entire system with optimized real-time setting values.

Impacts of Utilizing the Heat Source Optimal Control System

  • With setting values (optimal control data) based on simulations, the system maximizes the impact of energy saving of the heat source system.
  • It contributes to reducing running costs and CO2 emissions.

Configuration of the Heat Source Optimal Control System

  • The Heat Source Optimal Control System consists of a heat source simulator, heat source monitor, and heat source control device.

HSSsim, heat source simulator
The heat source simulator, HSSsim, is energy simulation software that supports various heat source systems.
With its nonlinear mathematical programming it can perform computational optimizations.
Use of HSSsim from the planning phase enables you to plan a composition with various devices and detailed control methods beforehand.
The planning results are saved as optimal control data in the heat source monitor and used for control operations. (HSSsim is used only at the planning phase. It is not used with facilities at production lines once operation starts.)
Heat source monitor
It saves, as optimal control data, the planning results from HSSsim.
It collects measured values including outdoor air conditions and operation status from GPPECO.
It calculates optimum operation conditions based on the collected measured values and the optimal control data from simulations.
It reflects the calculated optimal operation conditions in control operations in a safe manner.
It monitors heat source facilities with measured values and trends of energy-saving results from PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).
It estimates real-time optimal setting values based on the measured values and the optimal control data from the heat source control system (Programmable Logic Controller).
GPPECO, heat source optimal control software
Control operations are conducted with a heat source control system.
It sends the collected measured values such as outdoor air conditions and operation status to the heat source monitor.
It collects optimal setting values from the heat source monitor and applies for control operations.
It is compatible with the central monitoring system and allows the conventional system to be easily renewed because the heat source monitor uses a standard PLC.

  1. 1.Planning (heat source system design, control contents planning)
    Calculate optimal operation conditions (create optimal control data and comparison data with HSSsim beforehand).
  2. 2.Bring the optimal control data to a production line beforehand and save in a computer used for the heat source monitor.
    It cannot save optimal control data through online operations at the moment.
  1. 3.Collect measured values with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).
  2. 4.Send the data collected with PLC to the heat source monitor computer.
  3. 5.Calculate real-time optimal setting values in accordance with the measured values based on the optimum control data using GPPECO installed on the heat source monitor computer.
  4. 6.Use the optimal setting value for PLC to control heat source facilities. *The computer does not perform direct control operation on the facilities. (Controlling operations only with the PLC ensures compatibility and reliability with existing facilities.)
  5. 7.Feedback on operation data archive is available as needed.
    * Feedback can help improve operation methods and optimization accuracy.


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