Enhancing a Building's Image

06 Aug, 2018 / 1811 Views


We resolve a variety of dissatisfactions associated with air-conditioning systems such as:

  • Uneven indoor temperature distribution
  • Uncomfortable airflow
  • Malodor in the room
  • Disruptive noises from the outlet
  • The room becomes dusty
  • Air in the room becomes dry
  • High running costs
  1. 1.All-out air-conditioning system renewal
    A sweeping update of obsolete wet area facilities (toilet, office kitchenette, etc.) vastly improves a building's image.
  2. 2.Full toilet and office kitchenette renewal
  3. 3.Improvements to the toilet functionality
  4. 4.Total interior renovation

Example Proposal

A toilet renewal

Current view

After renewal


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