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24 Apr, 2018 / 749 Views

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Noise Control Technologies / Low-frequency-focused Silencer

Since the import of a high-level silencing technology from Canada in 1986, we have developed various technologies in this field. This section introduces our low-frequency-focused silencer, among other proprietary technologies.

Low-frequency-focused silencer (for demonstration)

Traditionally, when using a silencer to suppress noises from air-conditioning ducts it has been considered difficult to remove sounds with frequencies of 100Hz or lower.
Our low-frequency-focused silencer eliminates the sound transmitted forwards and reflects the sound toward the sound source, by pairing resonators with different acoustic resistances to make response tones from them interfere with each other, ensuring an adequate noise reduction. This also has the benefit of a low airflow pressure loss due to the utilization of sound interference.
Since noise from air-conditioning ducts is generally wideband, a resonator, which has a narrow band of silencing frequency, is usually considered unsuitable. Our low-frequency-focused silencer enables wideband noise reduction by combining multiple resonators. The following figure shows a prototype wideband silencer, using four resonators with a two octave silencing frequency bandwidth, along with its structure.

Prototype low-frequency-focused silencer and its structure


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