The biggest environmental load concerning us, is the energy used by our delivered and installed equipment. That is why we believe it is important to propose energy-saving streamlined systems to our customers at the design phase of their facilities. We are committed to ensuring energy and resource saving considerations are incorporated into the design at the design execution phase.
Our energy solutions realize our customers' environmental conservation activities, and thereby, not only our customers but also we ourselves contribute to a sustainable society.
In addition to trying to reduce the absolute amount of energy consumption, we make all efforts to reduce energy costs by building an economical system. This is done by keeping in consideration the fee structures that energy companies define, or by proposing a system that enables our customers to produce their own required energy.

Energy Solutions

Cogeneration System

This cogeneration system is suitable for total system solutions as well as effective heat use for air conditioning systems.

Freecooling System

This system uses external not air a freezer to create cold water.

Direct Expansion HVAC

This technology makes it possible to achieve high control accuracy without a central heating facility.

Energy Plant Optimal Control System

With optimized control based on simulations, this technology maximizes the impact of energy savings for Energy Plant systems.

Super Stratherm · G (Ground-based Super-stratified-flow Water Heat Storage Tank)

This technology is recommended for customers who want to introduce a heat storage system but don't have enough space for installation.

Stratherm® System (Temperature-stratified-flow Heat Storage Tank)

This temperature-stratified-flow heat storage tank takes advantage of gaps in water density.

Stratherm® · I (Supercooling Dynamic-type Ice Thermal Storage System)

High-density Heat Storage System Using the Latent Heat of Ice.

Eco-Rac® (Heat Recovery System with No Cross-contamination)

This technology recovers waste heat from exhaust gases.


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