Introducing various air-conditioning technologies, including Building Automation System utilizing LONWORKS®, silencing system which is ideal for music halls and cleanrooms, Dry Room System for drying processes in lithium battery factories and other plants, Louvreme®, a high-performance louver, and spot air conditioning for factory spaces.

Proprietary & Special Technologies

Direct Expansion HVAC

This technology makes it possible to achieve high control accuracy without a central heating facility.

NMP Recovery System for Factories Manufacturing Lithium-Ion Batteries

NMP Recovery System for Factories Manufacturing Lithium-Ion Batteries

Energy Plant Optimal Control System

With optimized control based on simulations, this technology maximizes the impact of energy savings for Energy Plant systems.

Aquavent · mark II (Prevention of Air Lock, Noise, and Corrosion)

Aquavent · mark II (Prevention of Air Lock, Noise, and Corrosion)

Super Stratherm · G (Ground-based Super-stratified-flow Water Heat Storage Tank)

This technology is recommended for customers who want to introduce a heat storage system but don't have enough space for installation.

Stratherm® System (Temperature-stratified-flow Heat Storage Tank)

This temperature-stratified-flow heat storage tank takes advantage of gaps in water density.

Stratherm® · I (Supercooling Dynamic-type Ice Thermal Storage System)

High-density Heat Storage System Using the Latent Heat of Ice.

Exhaust System with an Auxiliary Jet

It demonstrates excellent collection performance and contributes to improving the work environment.

Eco-Rac® (Heat Recovery System with No Cross-contamination)

This technology recovers waste heat from exhaust gases.

Spacefine (Ultra-precise Temperature Control Chamber)

This technology provides a precise temperature control at the level of ±5/1,000°C.

Dry Room (Low-dew-point Manufacturing Room)

This dry room system meets your needs for researching pharmaceutical agents, chemical products, electronic parts, and precision devices as well as lithium battery assembly.

Hyper DRY DECO (Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Decontamination System)

It is a safe system that allows decontamination with hydrogen peroxide at low concentrations, which has greater safety for operators than formaldehyde.

DRYDECO mobby (Mobile Hydrogen Peroxide-based Decontamination System)

This compact and easy-to-carry system provides greater safety for operators during decontamination with hydrogen peroxide.

Sock Chilling System (Cloth Filter)

This system creates uniform indoor airflows by passing the air through a cloth filter.

Wind Tunnel Technology

This wind tunnel technology creates the optimum environments for your characteristics test measurements.

Test Environment for Automobiles

This control technology uses a direct expansion system equipped with a large screw compressor.

Engine Intake System

This system supplies air to engines at a constant temperature and humidity during an engine unit test.

Spot Cooling Technology

This technology provides spot air conditioning for factories with large spaces

High Roof Factory Air-conditioning System

This is an air-conditioning system for factories with large spaces.

Air Fuse (Ductless Ventilation Fan)

This ductless fan system is effective for use as ventilation in parking lots as well as air-conditioning in halls or gymnasiums.

Silencer System

Since importing a silencing technology in 1986, we have developed numerous silencing technologies.

Louvreme® (Vertical-type Waterproof Louver)

This is Vertical-type Waterproof Louver.


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