We provide high-quality environmental technologies for new construction and renovation of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

For Hospital, Healthcare & Elderly Welfare Facilities

Clean Fan Unit

Our compact and lightweight unit creates a clean space

Dehumidification Air-conditioning System for Hospitals

Hygienic hospital spaces are created using an air-conditioning system with dehumidification capabilities

Aseptic ICU/CCU Unit

This system is an easy-to-install biological clean ICU/CCU system.

Intensive Care Unit

A highly usable aseptic treatment room system for preventing hospital infection

Air Lock Booth (Booth for Sputum Collection)

An easy-to-handle booth that faultlessly prevents bacteria from spreading during sputum collection and blocks intrusion by external bacteria.

Cogeneration System

This cogeneration system is suitable for total system solutions as well as effective heat use for air conditioning systems.

Mobile Facility Unit (MFU) Method (For Ultra-fast Construction)

This method helps achieving ultra-fast constructions and improves facilities quality such as factories and laboratories.

Energy Plant Optimal Control System

With optimized control based on simulations, this technology maximizes the impact of energy savings for Energy Plant systems.

Stratherm® System (Temperature-stratified-flow Heat Storage Tank)

This temperature-stratified-flow heat storage tank takes advantage of gaps in water density.

Stratherm® · I (Supercooling Dynamic-type Ice Thermal Storage System)

High-density Heat Storage System Using the Latent Heat of Ice.

Eco-Rac® (Heat Recovery System with No Cross-contamination)

This technology recovers waste heat from exhaust gases.

Hyper DRY DECO (Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Decontamination System)

It is a safe system that allows decontamination with hydrogen peroxide at low concentrations, which has greater safety for operators than formaldehyde.

DRYDECO mobby (Mobile Hydrogen Peroxide-based Decontamination System)

This compact and easy-to-carry system provides greater safety for operators during decontamination with hydrogen peroxide.

Sock Chilling System (Cloth Filter)

This system creates uniform indoor airflows by passing the air through a cloth filter.


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