Per-zone Scheduled Operation Management / Individual Control of Temperature & Humidity

06 Aug, 2018 / 1129 Views


A whole building air-conditioning system based on a centralized heat source results in higher running costs at partial operation.
An individually distributed air-conditioning system can independently run an overtime operation while adjusting the temperature and humidity of each floor.

  • Renovation and renewal of air-conditioning systems
  • Division for renewal of air-conditioning systems
  • Renewal and new installation of heat source facilities and equipment
  • Renewal and new installation of automatically controlled systems

Example Proposal

Case of a 22-year-old office building

Better support for room-by-room settings, more quiet in rooms, and higher usability (favorable evaluation of the renewal proposal)

Current conditions:
Screw heat pump chiller + Air-conditioning equipment
1. Cooling tower / 2. Cooling machine / 3. Air-cooled refrigerating machine / 4. Air-conditioning / 5. FCU

Renewed conditions:
Air-cooling building multi (cassette) + outside-air-conditioning equipment
1. Outdoor unit / 2. Total enthalpy heat exchanger unit / 3. Cassette-type Air-conditioning equipment / 4. Air-cooling air conditioner / 5. Air-conditioning


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