Taikisha Japan publishes corporate social report 2017

07 Jul, 2018 / 1172 Views

Mr. Toshiaki Shiba, Representative Director, President of Taikisha Ltd, emphasized on striving to become a company trusted by Society, guided by "Customer First" mission statement.

In the Green Technology System Business, Taikisha provides eco-friendly design and construction of customers’ facilities, by which we are helping customers to save energy and reduce CO2 emission at facilities during the operation phase that will last for years into the future. We will make a contribution to realizing a low-carbon emission/zero-emission society by applying the know-how we have cultivated over years and our advanced technological development capabilities.

The Paint Finishing System Business is engaged in “the total engineering-oriented business” designed to realize a high-quality and efficient painting process and reduce the environmental impact of the process.

In addition, what is necessary for Taikisha to achieve sustainable growth and continue contributing to society is to strengthen the foundation of its core businesses, while expanding their peripheral businesses with an eye constantly to 10 years ahead. Our efforts are bearing fruit in the plant factory business that exploits our environmental control technologies cultivated over the years and the aircraft painting business that applies our paint technology in the automobile field. In addition, we are eyeing the possibility of expanding business areas into painting railway cars and ships going forward. We will globally deploy our environment-related technologies by further reinforcing the overseas businesses through leveraging our strength of operating business in 20 countries around the world for over 50 years.

For Taikisha, human resources are the source of growth.

We will create an environment where employees can concentrate on high value-added business operations for the purpose of increasing productivity, which we hope will translate into reducing long working hours. We will implement these reform measures with a strong determination based on the idea that realization of work style reform is what it takes for our employees to perform at their full potential and for the company to achieve continuous growth.

Source: www.taikisha-group.com


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