Taikisha designs and constructs HVAC for a wide range of buildings (office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, museums) & factories (manufacturing factory, R&D, clean room…) in order to create comfortable environments for people. Based on an understanding of the importance of human life as its basic principle, we continues improve environmental values (contribution to environment) and to protect global environment using Taikisha’s solution technologies as a company engaged in business related to the environment.

HVAC System

HVAC for Cleanroom

We provide clean room facility to control not only dust inside room but also temperature & humidity, we make sure environment inside cleanroom always stabilized & controlled.

Building HVAC

In building HVAC system business sector, Taikisha designs & constructs Air-conditioning system for facilities that are used by many people.

Industrial HVAC

Taikisha designs & constructs optimal Air-conditioning system for clean room & other manufacturing facilities for factories and R&D facilities in the electronic parts, pharmaceutical products,


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