Taikisha Vietnam Engineering Inc. participated in Global Business – Sales & Marketing (GLB) in Thailand

20 Jun, 2024 / 80 Views

Global Business – Sales & Marketing (GLB) is a pivotal event that takes place annually. Traditionally it was held at Taikisha (TKS) head office in Tokyo. This year marks a significant change as we begin rotating the event location among our global branches, the event took place at Taikisha Thailand in Bangkok, Thailand, on February 23, 2024. The event featured participants from various Taikisha Group’s overseas subsidiaries, including: Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India, Laos and Cambodia. The GLB event encompassed a variety of activities, including:

  1. TKS Kick-off meeting and sales report with an overview of Taikisha’s performance in 2023 and sale forecasts in 2024.
  2. Introduction of the New GT-GL Organization Chart: Unveiling the updated organizational structure.
  3. Subsidiary presentations: each subsidiary will introduce and promote their experiences with multinational companies, sharing valuable customer insights and success stories.
  4. Expansion strategies: Collaborative discussions on strategies to expand our reach to non-Japanese clients.
  5. Closing remarks: A call to action from TKS leadership, emphasizing the importance of global collaboration and consistent effort to enhance our sales activities and achieve our collective goals.

The GLB meeting in Bangkok, Thailand


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