Highlights from Taikisha Vietnam Engineering Inc.’s New Year Party

13 Feb, 2024 / 407 Views

Taikisha Vietnam Engineering Inc. (hereinafter referred to as TVE) successfully organized the New year parties with the theme “We are TEAM” in Ho Chi Minh city (12 Jan.), Hue city (20 Jan.) and Hanoi (23 Jan.). This is a special occasion for the Board of Directors, all employees of TVE from the office team to the project team to gather and share the successes as well as exchange experiences after a year of hard work and dedication. The New Year parties were a resounding success, highlighting the company’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and supportive work culture.

The events were kicked off with a warm welcome from the Board of Directors, they expressed gratitude to all employees for their hard work and dedication in the last year. In the opening remarks, they also expressed the desire for all staffs to work together as one team to overcome challenges and achieve success in the upcoming period. They reaffirmed employees, especially young employees’ growth is necessary for the future development of TVE and hope that they will gain comprehensive experience and work at TVE for a long time.

Furthermore, attendees were treated to an array of entertainment and activities, including live music and dance performances by TVE’s employees as well as interactive games and the lucky draw with many attractive prizes bringing suspense, excitement and laughter which brought a variety of emotions, contributing to the success of the new year party 2024.

A highlight of the events were the recognition of outstanding employees and teams for their exceptional contributions as follows: Safety Award for employees having best performances in safety management in year 2023, VE-CD Award for employee having outstanding ideas for technical and economic improvement, Best services award for back office employee and Project of the Year.

Overall, TVE’s New Year party was a memorable and enjoyable occasion, bringing employees together to celebrate their accomplishments, foster unity and set the stage for another year of growth and prosperity.

Let’s have a throwback on the enjoyable moments of the events.

Party in Hue on January 20th, 2024

New Year party in Ho Chi Minh city on January 12th, 2024

Party in Hanoi on January 23rd, 2024


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